Saturday, 16 February 2013

This, That and the Other

Well, it's been a few weeks since my opening blog and the world hasn't come to an end so I guess it's safe to have another go! Always helps to have something to blog about, so, what has been happening in the world of James Lauren since the 27th January?

Well, for one thing I got another year older, even though technically it is only 20 days older but the mileometer clicked over by another digit on the 31st January. At my age I try my best to ignore birthdays but was bullied into accepting presents and going out for a meal. I was even treated to a trip to the cinema to see Django Unchained, which was awesome.

Tarantino movies are not everyone's cup of tea, but I absolutely love them. He is a director who's love of film shines through in every shot, and believe me there we a great many shots in Django. This is slated for a 3rd June release (in the UK) and I already have the blu-ray steelbook on pre-order (breaking my own unwritten rule of not paying any more than £10 for a blu - it is Tarantino after all, and there have to be exceptions to every rule!!)

Anyway, on to my literary aspirations.

With my aim to become a bestselling author in mind (although I'd settle for just being a selling author at the moment!!) I am hard at work on a couple of projects - one is called Burn Inside and this is a sequel to my bestselling* Burn in Starlight. It is all planned out and I'm now in the process of putting some flesh on the bones, so watch this space (and Amazon of course) for some exciting news coming soon.

I am also working on a currently untitled YA Vampire book, which is a much more ambitious (and longer term) project. I have the first drafts of several key scenes in the bag and I'm quite excited about how this one is going. Once it is much nearer to completion teasers and samples will be posted in this blog.

OK, my life isn't exciting enough to have much else to talk about, so I need to sign-off for now. Until next time dear reader...

* I confidently refer to Burn in Starlight as bestselling because it is simply the book of mine which is selling the best. Until I am a real best selling author I will take whatever crumbs of comfort that I can!

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