Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Me Again

My daughter said to me the other day "Dad, why do you have a Blog if you never update it?" To which my answer was "life just kinda got in the way", and it's true.

I had made a conscious decision not to post any Blogs unless I had something to say but I must admit that I never expected it to be quite this long between blogs. The "rot", blog-wise set in when I began to work away from home, staying in a hotel during the week and only coming home at weekends.

Only for a couple of weeks turned out to be seven weeks. You would think that four nights a week in a hotel room would give me plenty of time to write or Blog, or both, and indeed that should have been the case. I had every intention to write my opus given all the unaccustomed peace and quiet (no offence to the wife, kids and dog intended).

I don't know whether it was the strange surroundings, the fact that I spent a good portion of every evening working late and then looking for somewhere I could eat within budget, or the long "quick chats" with the family but I just couldn't get going.

Coming back home changed things again. My creative juices started flowing and I am once again working on various projects. Most recently I have been working on an edit of a story entitled Cacotopia which I am very pleased to announce has been accepted for inclusion in an anthology to be published later this year. Watch this space for more details when I get them.

Hopefully it won't be another three months!!!!


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